Why youth and physical activity are the perfect match for a healthier happier life

According to worldwide recent studies , the phenomenon of physical inactivity is on the rise, especially among young people. Despite the benefits of physical activity on health being highlighted, inactive habits continue to infect the youngest, exposing them to the risk of overweight and obesity. The main sources of inactivity for young people are television, computer and video games, as well as the influx of bad eating habits and sports reported by socialization agencies, primarily by parents. Performing regular physical activity is crucial for the children, as it is associated with multiple health benefits and a role of prevention. But how important is a healthy relationship between young people and sport and how does it develop?

If it is true that in all probability a young obese will be an obese adult, the correct lifestyle must be passed on to the children early on, raising them to movement from the very earliest age. Constant training is synonymous with healthy lifestyle and arouses the risk of premature obesity. Constant physical exercise must always be associated with a balanced diet both quantitatively and qualitatively. However, you do not have to fall into excess: very drastic diets can have opposite effects, affecting the lean muscle mass. Little frequent exercise and healthy nutrition go a long way, in fact, experimental studies have shown that in sedentary subjects, physical activity increases the ability to decrease a sense of hunger. Plus, once you start to work out and to be active you will be more motivated to stuck with a healthy nutrition to refuel your body in a proper way and giving to your muscles the right components to stay lean, toned up and strong!

Physical activity in young people is therefore synonymous with health and well-being, understood in the broader sense as happiness. It’s not just about the physical level but it is about every aspect of someone’s life. Some studies show that movement does not only train the body, but also a positive mind and attitude towards every aspect of our daily life. So a positive relationship between young people and sports therefore does not only offer benefits to the physical, but also psychological and social levels too. Switching things and habits to the dynamic fit side may not be easy at first but with a consistent persistent practice even starting with a short run, 10 minutes working out and more, can really make the different and help to embark an exciting new journey towards the best version of yourself. As today’s life is rich in stress, deadlines and crazy schedules some fitness time could easily become some “me time”, a moment when you can switch off your devices, forget about the things you have to do and start focusing on you, on your body and your mind even creating little personal challenges in order to stimulate and motivate you to keep going and to take things to the other level.