What made your start running?

” I like to run when I was young because I was fast and distance was challenging. I run now to keep from getting too fat..and it’s challenging all the same!”

“This girl is so many things, my dearest friend, running partner in crime and my #solesister. It all started with a 5k (4) years ago that has led to 10 half marathons, 2 full marathons, and (2) 12 hour ultra-marathons”

“I ran XC back when I was school, then stopped running after I graduated. I got depressed later on in my early 20’s, picked up running again to help me heal and never stopped since.” ??‍♀️

“My trainer said you’re going to do a 5k and I said ok at age 62. First time I ever ran. I am now 68 and have done 80 races with goal of 100 next year. Also, have 8 half marathons to be proud of. One of the best things that ever happened to me.”

“Hated my job and it was my escape at lunch time. I’d even run in the pouring rain just to get out. Did laps in the parking garage too!”

“At first, I only ran, because I wanted to look better , but not because I loved it that much… but now it’s different   I love it so much”

“Running helps with empty nest syndrome. My husband and I have been so busy for so long raising kids and now we’re rediscovering us together with running.”

“I wanted to get in shape so I could have a baby. It took ab a year, and now my baby is 5 and I’m still in love with running.”

“My Mother inlaw who past away from cancer we ran a half marathon the rock and roll through the leukemia lymphoma society also known as team in training we never ran before that not even a 5k right into a half marathon now we have ran two half’s and countless 5 and 10ks we just started training for our first full marathon at 54 years old.”

“Anxiety & not being able to sleep. I went to the Dr. thinking I was having heart problems and all they wanted to do was put me on anti anxiety & antidepressants. I refused so I started walking after work to wear myself out. Soon I started to running a little and it turned into full runs! I’ve never looked back. I’m hooked!!!”

“Always enjoyed running as a kid. After I started get..ting healthier from years of dealing with Hashimoto’s I got back into running. Wasn’t until a bad breakup years later that my big brother signed me up for marathon training. Fell in love with the challenge and struggle of endurance running.”

“My mom was completing half marathons in her 70s … she’s 84 now. I decided to do the same to fe stronger and not let lupus win any battles.”

“I used to weigh twice my body weight. Running helped me finally break free from that lifestyle.”

“Signed up for a race backed out and someone said I knew you wouldn’t. That stuck. Fast forward a few years a coworker died at work, reality hit. I realized running wasn’t a competition against anyone just myself and I’ve always wanted to do it so I’m doing those things that scared me because I’m still alive and able to. In honor of my coworker and friend.”

“I was left handicapped from tarsal tunnel syndrome and chronic venous insufficiency. A year after surgery I was overweight. I started out walking. Not even sure that I could, one day I decided to try running a couple steps. I did it! 5 months later I’ve done about 10 5ks. 1 sprint triathlon, 2 upcoming sprint triathlons, a few 5ks, and a half marathon in October.”

“I always waked for exercise, I love being outside and it clears my head and takes away my stress. I would walk five, six miles. A friend suggested we run some intervals and it made running seem like a possibility and I’ve been running ever since”

“Hubby deployed for 9 months, so I was in charge of walking the very active Belgian Malinois. I decided to start C25k at the age of 39. After deployment, he got a Dutch Shepherd and deployed again 5 months later. The dogs and I trained for a half-marathon. ? You have to make every situation work with you, versus fighting against it. ;)”

“25 years ago, I had to run a mile in under 9:00 to make the 7th grade basketball team. I ended up a better track athlete than basketball player; and became lifetime runner with a current streak of five Boston Marathons behind me. And more ahead.”

“It was supposed to be a 1 and done thing. I had completed 2 rounds of a Beachbody program feeling xtra badass and someone brought up a curb to 5k 4 week program. So I said “sure why not?” And ran my 1st 5k on my 39th bday. And since then have done 9 more 5ks, 3 10ks, a 10 miler, 2 half marathons and a marathon relay. :)”

“I was an overweight and unhealthy kid, so I started running. Then my motive changed as I became fit…..I ran my first 5k and I realized how fun running is when you’re training for races. Now I just run for fun (not to lose weight), and I’m training for my first full marathon.”

“I was always a runner in high school, and college years. After getting married my husband and I continued it, then had our sweet baby girl. It seem that I wasn’t loosing the weight like I should after having her. So I decided to pickup running more and it’s been a life changing experience. I’ve ran 2 marathons several 5ks and a 10k. ??‍♀️?????”

“My daughter. She was interested so I ran truth her although she lapped me quickly. Then became her Xc coach ???. Now she has graduated but I am still coaching and running:)”

“When my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer I told her I’d fight my way off the couch while she fought cancer. I made us “team grams” shirts for every race. 5 years +1 month of races and fighting cancer and at the end of January her race was complete. I’ve been struggling with my running motivation for months without her but this week I’ve started to train for another race.”

“I was told once, I would not be able to walk nevertheless run. Well, after proving the drs wrong, I did walk. Later I began to run. Unfortunately, due to my bad knees (torn meniscus and orthoscopic surgery) I can only walk. And WALK I do!! I speed walk. I’m sorry if it doesn’t fall under the running category but it’s the closest I get to running?‍♀️?”

“A friend who saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. I wasn’t “a runner,” but she told me she’d rather run slower with me than run fast alone. We’ve run 2 half marathons and a full marathon relay together plus hundreds and hundreds of miles “for fun.” The accomplishment of running feels good, the friendship I’ve gained is priceless. ?”

“It’s one of the few things I could do and enjoy without having to go to a gym (very busy schedule). I loved sprinting when I was younger and for a while I wanted to give longer distance running a go. Now I love it and outdoor exercise in general!”

“I was tired of being almost 200lbs so I signed up for the gym and about a month in I realized I wanted to start running again (I ran in my teens/early twenties as a stress reliever). Since than I haven’t looked back and I just completed my first half.”

“Depression and anxiety! Needed to burn off the extra energy started walk which turned to running! Started literally running on house length then walking. Fell in love with the changes it made in my body and the time alone! Today I’m a marathoner training for her first ultra! I love running it saved my life…. literally”

“I was in middle school and really struggling to sleep at night. As a last ditch effort before medication, the doctor suggested to my mom that maybe more rigorous activity during the day will exhaust me enough. The perfect storm happened and track and field was just starting up. So, a runner was born. I’ve had a rollercoaster relationship over the years, but this year I have made it a huge priority and I’m happier than ever and loving life.”