What Inspired You To Start Running?

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6 years ago my mom passed away unexpectedly. I was 250 pounds and miserable. I didn’t want to get sick like she did so I started eating better and wanted to start exercising. I started running. And running. And running. Now I am half my original body weight and I am happy and healthy (except I miss my angel mama). Life begins on the edge of your comfort zone. And that’s where running is for me

My friends and myself. They were doing a running challenge at work, and I wanted to join in, but I kept telling myself that, I’m not a runner and it was too hard/unenjoyable. Months later they started another challenge, to prepare for a 5k, and I really committed. Now we are all preparing for a half marathon and I could not be not be more proud and surprised by how much I am enjoying the process!!

While my husband deployed for the nth time, I started running with our very active dog. I quickly learned that my physical and mental health were benefitting from the C25k, along dog walks on the “off days”. Since I started in 2014, I’ve completed countless 5 & 10ks, along with 1 10-miler and 2 half-marathons. Running has made my life so much better.

I started running to deal with the stress and anxiety from the loss of my sister. I always say it’s cheaper than therapy.

I started running 2 years ago. I have always been a very active person, but never tried distance running. I love challenging myself and running has certainly done that. I love running races, bettering myself and raising money for charity

I started running about 3 years ago I could barely even run a quarter of a mile without getting winded. The very first time I ever did a mud run and my first 5k I was hooked I wanted more the adrenaline the running to forget what’s going on in my life the running to help me escape my problems on a daily basis that’s what I look forward to running all my races and pushing myself harder than before to set goals to beat my previous times and this year I’m happy to announce that I am going to be training for a half marathon 13.1 here I come

I started running after getting a pre-diabetes diagnosis and a thryoid disorder diagnosis several years ago. Running and cross training has helped manage these issues and learn about the strength in myself. I am not the fastest runner but I enjoy all that running has given me and am thankful for each opportunity I get.

4 years ago my buns and decided he wanted to run a 5k for his birthday. I found the Tampa Police Memorial Run that supports families of officers killed in the line of duty. At the time I had never even run 1 mile. Now we run that race every year, and now I’m the crazy friend that convinced my girls to run a half with me…

My 4 year old daughter looked at me (5 years ago) and said “why are boys the only ones that do sports?” my heart broke and I was speechless. We had been supporting daddy’s mtn biking races, hockey games, and baseball games. I knew I had to get back into MY active self.. for my daughter.. and for me! Now.. 3 half marathons and 2 RAGNAR races later..she’s doing races WITH me! Love it!!! DONE!!

I turned 40 on November 3. As the month approached I made a conscious decision to enter my 40s with more confidence in myself. I registered for the Richmond half marathon that was scheduled for November 11th as a way to celebrate my birthday. I registered, not because I believed I could run it, but because I believed I could not run it. I knew it was time to find grace for myself. I knew it was time to believe in me in the same way I believe in others. Every training run was hard and rewarding. Race day came and I put my doubts and fears aside, and I ran strong. I gave myself grace, I dug deep, and I ran 13.1. I entered my 40s by doing something I once thought was impossible. And it was amazing

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