The importance of sport in the growth of children

Sport is a fundamental experience in the life of growing children. It can be practiced from the age of 3, to promote a balanced and harmonious development of the body, the skeleton, the muscles and the joints of the infant.

Thanks to the various sports disciplines, from team sports to individual sports, your children will find excellent opportunities for fun and socializing, as well as real life schools, which will teach them to know and take care of their body, to have respect of the rules and others.

Since they are young, our children run the risk of settling in a lifestyle that is too sedentary: in the early age of development, when their skeletal system and muscles are undergoing training and are going through the fundamental process of growth, it is so it is important to get them used to an active life by having them practice sports.

Sport, used for the education of young people since the remotest centuries of classical culture and civilization, can in fact become a useful tool to encourage the growth of our children and guarantee their body a state of well-being and a mental predisposition to practice. of life in the open air, of movement and sociality, which they will treasure in the years of maturity.

Practicing children’s sport provides us with a wealth of experience, not only motor but also psychological, which will leave a positive and lasting trace in our body and spirit. For this reason, an adult who has done sport as a child, is generally more prepared to resume exercise and sport in adulthood and to do it to their children, so that they too can benefit from the benefits associated with sporting practice.

Food and sport

We conclude with an aspect that is as simple as it is important for those who do sports, and in particular for children who play sports, that is feeding. Pediatricians, but also the most prepared coaches, recommend eating both before and after physical activity: first, to get the dose of energy needed to better cope with the required exercise, and then to rebalance the substances and elements lost during training.

The best practice is to eat at least a couple of hours before playing sports, remembering to eat foods rich in vitamins and especially carbohydrates, which are easily assimilated by the body. This means that if your child has his training on Sunday morning, before taking him to the camp or the gym, he must have time to eat and digest a healthy and substantial breakfast, maybe a nice cup of milk with biscuits or slices biscuits with jam, accompanied by a nice glass of orange juice.

If instead the training was in the afternoon, at lunch you can make him eat pasta or rice and some vegetables, while it would be better to avoid protein foods: given that they have a longer and slower digestion, they could give him a sense of fatigue and hinder it in its activities, so you can leave meat and fish for dinner, to give it back some of the energy lost during the day.

Before a race or an important game, even if the tension is high and your child may not be hungry, it is always better to avoid fasting, preferring something energetic and easily assimilated, like a snack or a fruit.

Even when their physical activity session is over, especially if the snack hour is approaching, as well as a nice sip of water, to restore hydration and a good dose of mineral salts, a light snack like a fruit or a yogurt, maybe with fruit or in a comfortable drink format, it will bring back the color on the cheeks of your children and will allow them to arrive until dinner time without any problem.


Sport for children is perfect to help them growing up in a healthier and positive way. It is so good to their bodies and it gives the tools to better face the difficulties even outside the field and transmits teachings and values that are universally valid. We firmly believe that a massive change is possible and we can all be a part of it with our initiative.

Shoes that Inspire program is there to transform kids’ life for good switching to the healthier and happier side that today is lost into physical inactivity crisis and growing childhood obesity. This program is there to make you more aware about these topics and to really change life as soon as possible to have a healthy next generation starting from the very beginning. We really think a little goes long way and that even 15 minutes a day can make the difference.