Stars and Stripes 5K Run 2017

The Stars and Stripes 5k Run is an annual race held on July 4 by the Concord Police Association, with funds specifically going towards the Family Justice Center of Concord & the Bay Area Crisis Nursery. The Healthy Lifestyle for Youth Team contacted this race and were able to obtain a booth area at the event. At the event, the team sold their hand-designed running jewelry and medal hangers to fellow race participants. 100% of the proceeds from the event will be going towards buying brand new athletic shoes for students in need in the Richmond-Oakland area near our community for the upcoming 2017 school year!



A few days before the race, President Grace Lu, Vice President Ada Zhong, and Artistic Director Eve Zhong congregated to assemble and organize jewelry products, set up a price point for each product, create a poster about the cause, and conversed about the game plan for the upcoming event. The poster, specially designed by Eve, features a July 4 Independence Day Team with the dark blue background and bursts of red and white. This specific poster theme was planned to correspond with the race theme of Stars and Stripes, and of the general “Red White and Blue” July 4 theme, making it more appealing and relatable to the event.

Poster created by Artistic Director Eve Zhong to be on display at the booth during the racing event.

President Grace Lu (middle), Vice President Ada Zhong (right), Artistic Director Eve Zhong (left), Teddy the Puppy (right) and Cookie the Dog (left) standing in front and admiring their creative poster for the race.

A few examples of the jewelry products that the girls assembled during their meeting. All sterling silver, except for the top left and middle right pieces.


Finally, on the day of the event, team members Katherine Huynh (Treasurer), Ada Zhong (VP), Shannon Zheng (Secretary) and Eve Zhong (Artistic Director) worked diligently to not only sell the jewelry and medal hanger products, but also to explain to customers the significance behind each product, which was that each product is hand-designed by the founder and the team and that all the money raised by selling the products will be going to a special cause: an upcoming shoe donation project for low income high school students near our community.

Ada Zhong and Shannon Zheng carefully listening to customers and explaining our non-profit’s core mission and the significance behind the motivational jewelry and medal hanger products.

Ada Zhong, Shannon Zheng, and Katherine Huynh eagerly interacting with racers and potential customers by explaining the products and non-profit organization’s goals.

All Sterling Silver Sole Sisters Motivational Necklace – $40

All Sterling Silver 5k 10k 13.1 “I may appear harmless but inside, I am completely BADASS” – $35

Partially Sterling Silver Never Give Up 5K Necklace – $25

Partially Sterling Silver “Me Vs. Me” Motivational Running Necklace -$25

All Sterling Silver “She believed she could so she did” Necklace- $35


The team had a very successful event. Although members had to wake up early on July 4 at around 5 a.m to get ready for the event, it was all worth it. They arrived by 6:15 a.m. and were able to snatch a decent booth location near the finish line, specifically next to a few food booths. The booth location near the food court ultimately led to more business/customers, since racers who wanted to get food would have to pass by our booth, where our team would then eagerly draw them in and inform them about our non-profit organization and our unique jewelry products. The race officially ended at 10 am, and the team was able to make more than $600 from selling products. As previously mentioned, all of this money will go towards our upcoming shoe donation project. Although the team had to wake up very early on an important American Holiday, their hard work paid off as over $600 of products was sold, all of which will be going towards a remarkable project this upcoming 2017 school year!

Ada Zhong (outer left), Shannon Zheng (second to left), Katherine Huynh (second to right), and Eve Zhong (outer right) pose for a picture in front of the “Jewelry for a Cause” Poster after a long hard-day’s work selling running products.

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