Shoes that Truly Inspire (11/1)

Shoes that Inspire

On Wednesday, November 1st, the team went to Benito Juarez Elementary School to deliver brand new pairs of ASICS shoes to the kids for our Shoes that Inspire program!

We arrived at the school, which resided next to the bay. The view was beautiful. There was great weather, the breeze felt nice to be in, the school occupied a nice atmosphere.

Once we arrived inside, our team was warmly introduced to the coordinator and some of the staff members. We waited for a bit and readied the shoes to give to the kids.

I carried four boxes of shoes and marched into the classroom. Wow!! Various kids ranging from different grade levels sat before us, eager to receive our attendance and their shoes… At this point, I didn’t realize the impact of our project until that moment. I didn’t realize the enormous significance that our project held to these kids… At this moment, I realized that we became inspirational figures to these kids—role models— that they could possible look up to and maybe remember for a generously long time.

Once these kids receive their shoes, they would participate in a five-week running program to put their running shoes to good use! Hopefully this would inspire a love to run, a temptation to be outside, and motivation to set personal goals which would enable them to grow up to be the best person they could possibly be.

The kids were EAGER to try out their new running shoes and get started on the first day of the running program.

We went outside.

We warmed up.

We ran with them.

We smiled.


I remember running besides three girls and encouraging others to jog with us. We ran at least four laps altogether. When they got tired, I encouraged them to jog slower, to not walk. When others started to slow their pace into a walk, we all pushed them to not walk, but to set their pace to a slow jog!

Taking pics with the kids!!!

Although this may be a momentous experience for the kids, this project holds substantial meaning and power to me. Shoes that Inspire is not a common project; it is one of those life-changing experiences that you would remember forever. Here and now, I am enthusiastic to see more students in future schools, in order to create even more impact on their lives.


Katie H