Shoes That Inspire Program at Harder Elementary School

This Monday, I went to Harder Elementary School with three other members of HLFY. We went to the school because it was the last day of a running club that was organized by administrators and teachers at the school and HLFY. For five weeks, about forty kids had been training to run a 5k. They met three days a week after school and ran for half an hour to an hour. When we (HLFY) arrived at the school, we helped the teachers set up for the run. When school was over and kids came running out of the classrooms, we presented everybody with a pair of shoes and all of the students ran a 5k in their brand new shoes. It felt nice to be giving back to the community and other people. When I saw the smiles on the faces of the kids, it put a smile on my face too. This experience showed me that kids have a lot of energy and by inspiring them to run, we can help them live healthier and longer lives.