Shoes That Inspire

There once was a pair of shoes,

That wanted so much to be used.

They sat in their box, way up on a shelf,

Feeling so terribly sad for themselves.


They knew they’d be fast if given the chance,

But sadly no one ever gave them a glance.

Then a young girl came by, who loved to run,

Her mission was to find running shoes for everyone.


She looked up on the shelf and saw the box wiggle,

This caught her attention and she started to giggle.

“I must get those shoes,” the young girl said,

But their box was located far above her head.


The shoes thought this was their big break,

So, they wiggled and bounced and began to shake.

Finally, the box fell, landing in the girl’s arms,

Now they would dazzle her, with all their charm.


The girl loved the shoes, but knew she had plenty.

She wanted to give them to a child, who didn’t have any.

So, she bought the shoes with money she’d saved,

And then ran quickly to give them away.

But, as you all know, running’s better then sittin’.

Once you see all the smiles, you too will be smitten.