Running Tips: Train With Hills

Motivation is found in simple things. It can be captured in a picture, it can be given to you in words, it can be shown to you through movement. Whatever speaks to you, grasp it and hold onto it. Motivation is definitely one of the key elements for the next running tip…

Stuck at the same pace and want to break it for a faster speed? Train with hills. Go as fast as you can up the hill and then easy jog back down.

I have always thought that hills are much easier than stairs. Isn’t that funny. They are both hard in their own way, but hills and I understand each other. Hills have taught me that in life you are excited to start a challenge, get pretty pumped for it, realize that you probably started off too fast, slow down towards the middle but don’t stop because you can’t otherwise you’d fall, have total relief at the top, and give yourself a break until the next one comes and you start the process all over again.

Hill Repeat workout: 1 Mile Warm/ Sprint up 50 yard (or higher)/Easy Jog Down/Repeat 10 times/1 Mile Cool Down

If feeling tight but not sore you may repeat the process 1 more time.

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