Running Tips: Do track workouts!

They are exhausting and intimidating at times but they give you the best PRs for your next race. Be a savage over the weekend!!

Track and Field will always be my first love. It has taught me so many things in my life. I am and will always be a sprinter at heart. I am more of a distance runner now but I still try and get a track workout in about once a week. The feel of adrenaline still pumps through my veins stepping on a track. There is something about the smell and the feel on my feet that brings back lovely and anxious feelings. Even when I’m at the point of exhaustion from an intense workout it still feels like home and I enjoy every second of being there.

Today’s Workout: 1 Mile Warm up, 1 x 200m all out, 8 x 200m fast at the 200 hundred mark and easy jog the rest of the lap, cool down walk around the track, 50 push ups, and 100 sit ups.