Running Tip #2 – Running On Treadmills

Going to the gym in the mornings is both a blessing and a curse. You are super pumped for a few hours right after you finish, but then after lunch you crash! Why would we not want to follow European countries and have a siesta period. Then we definitely could go to the gym every morning.

If you are going to run the beast (the treadmill), make sure you have an incline of at least 1.0. It mimics the pavement outside and saves your knees. The last things you want to do is hurt yourself while at the gym and then be stuck on the recline bike during the pretty nature months.

I HATE THE TREADMILL! I pretty much have since high school. How many of you had that high school experience where it was pretty cool if you were spotted at the gym? You didn’t know what the shit you were doing with half of the equipment, but it was SOOOO COOOL to be there. I have a pretty weird kick out to my gait while running, so the treadmill confines me and i feel like a caged zoo animal. Now don’t get me wrong I still ride the beast but if I could have my way, the track or a trail would always be my first choices.