Running Tip #1 – Tired Muscles..

When your feet are super tired or sore after a long week of running, use tennis balls to alleviate the pain. Use them as you would a foam roller. Bonus tip: Put the tennis balls in the freezer for an even more delightful massage.

You know when you complain about something but you don’t really do much about it to fix it… YA so that is my relationship with my muscle aches. I have such a hard time stretching and foam rolling. I know, I know, how on earth can I consider myself a runner without doing both of those religiously? Well you know when the dentist tells you to floss everyday, it’s kind of like that. You know how good it is for you but it’s an extra step that you don’t want to have to take. Tennis balls, to me, are simple enough to use as a quick foot soreness relief. It’s like those floss picks, Haha. I can even use them as a quick back massage and it’s pretty good. Have a wonderful HUMP DAY!