Run for Education 2017

On September 30, 2017, Healthy Lifestyle for Youth attended the Run for Education booth exhibition at Iron Horse Middle School and served as a vendor and sponsor for the San Ramon Education Foundation. During this event, which lasted from 9AM-4PM, the HLFY team displayed and sold their uniquely hand-designed jewelry products to bypassing community members.

Specially designed colorful wrap-around bracelets that contain the motivational phrase ‘She believed she could so she did’. This design was especially popular among young kids, who loved not only the vibrant color pattern behind the piece but also the sweet message that it contains.

Some of the fitness related locket necklace pieces that were sold at Primo’s Run that include various inspirational sayings such as “My Race My Pace”, “Shut up legs” and “She believed she could so she did”.

A sample of some of the jewelry products being sold at the event. All of the pieces are hand-designed and contain different motivational sayings such as “Me vs. Me, “No excuses”, and “One step at a time”.








At the beginning of the event, there were not a lot of customers partly due to the fact that it was an early Saturday morning. However, slowly but surely, more and more people came and filled in the area to stop by and look at the various booths. The HLFY booth was located directly next to the booth where runners go to pick up their racing bibs, which meant that a lot of potential customers had the opportunity to view our booth on their way to pick up their bibs. In the morning to early noon time period, sales were rather slow and there were periods where the members talked to more than ten people without receiving any sales. However, everyones’ hard work payed off as more and more customers arrived during the afternoon and showed interest in purchasing our products and supporting our cause. One customer turned out to be a coach of a local cross country team and purchased over $100 worth of our products! In the end, the team raised over $620 and proved that although progress was gradual in the beginning, thee outcome was definitely worth the great effort and long hours standing under the blazing sun.

Founder Grace Lu eagerly introduces the mission of the non-profit, advertises the various products being sold, and explains the meaning and cause behind this fundraising event.

Overview of the booth!

100% of the proceeds made at this event will go directly towards the Shoes that Inspire Program, a program where low income students in the Hayward School district will receive a brand new or lightly worn pair of running shoes and attend a 5-week long running training program that will inspire them not only to improve their physical fitness level but also their self confidence and participation at school. Follow up on the outcome of this program after October 30!