Pacifica Trail Run 2017

On July 8, 2017, three members of the HLFY team drove to Pacifica in order to attend the Pacifica Trail Run event to continue to raise money for the Concord School District athletic shoe donation project. The event was relatively small-scale for a race, meaning that there were not many runners participating.

Grace (president) and Ada (vice president) took charge of setting up the booth, displaying the jewelry, and speaking to customers. Eve (artistic director) was in charge of all the money transactions. However, because of the lack of racers, not as many people came up to visit the booth as they did in the Stars and Stripes 5K Run. Only a couple of sales were made prior to the start of the races, and while there were more afterwards, the amount of money raised did not parallel amounts raised at previous races.

Race participants looking at jewelry.

Pacifica Trail Run 2017

Despite the lack of fundraising, the girls all continued to improve their communication skills through talking with both the race director and the race participants. Furthermore, they learned efficient ways to set up their booth and display their jewelry. Finally, they looked ahead at how they could improve their jewelry sales in the future. In these ways, the event was still successful.

Sole Sisters necklace ($35) bought by a racer at the event.

Racers looking at the booth.

Grace holding a “be strong” bracelet ($15).