Miss Bay Area 2017 Visits Heart & Sole Running Club

On August 9, 2017, the Heart & Sole Running Club was visited by Jane Kennedy, who was given the title Miss Bay Area 2017 in February.

At the start of the day, before Miss Kennedy arrived, the kids started off with a warm-up lap to shake off the cold. Then, they did their normal dynamic stretches and exercises, led by the high school coaches. These consisted of high knees, toe touches, grapevines, and more.

Running the warm-up lap.

Head coach Katie Huynh runs with a club member.

Dynamic exercises!

After completing their warm-ups and taking preparatory sips of water, Miss Kennedy arrived to accompany all the kids and coaches on their trail run to a local park. The route they took was not unfamiliar to the kids, and consisted of some mild hills to work on their endurance and stamina. Although the run was not easy, Miss Kennedy and the coaches provided verbal encouragement.

Miss Kennedy running alongside a club member encouragingly.

Going up a hill!

The trail ended at a local park, where the kids were able to rest for a few minutes and have fun in the playground.

Boys playing on a piece of playground equipment.

Rock climbing at the park.

Finally, everyone ran back the way they came. Back at the field, the club members played a fun trivia game that involved running, and Miss Kennedy participated actively in it as well. This trivia game is a favorite among the club!

Miss Kennedy leading the trivia game.

The day ended with all of the Heart & Sole runners receiving t-shirts designed by Eve Zhong, HLFY’s artistic director. It was overall an exciting day filled with fitness and fun!

Everyone wearing their Heart & Sole Running Club shirts!