Life Is Better In Running Shoes

“I have taken the difficult decision to go public about this, so please bear with me while I explain how I feel right now – It’s not easy for me, but I can’t hide my guilt any longer. The truth is, I am cheating on someone. I am not proud of myself and I feel pretty shit right now. I thought I had everything that I needed; comfort, support and desire, but then I found something else – desire, passion, style and stability. I have not told either about the other yet, I don’t know how to and I am not sure what I am going to do about it. And here I am, a typical man, pounding away inside both of them at the same time, pretending everything is fine and prolonging the pain and disappointment. I am telling you all because I have nobody really else to turn to. Please try to understand my situation and help me – How do I tell my new Hokas that I am also in love with a new pair of Brooks?” ????????