Donate To Shoes That Inspire and Change A Child’s Life

We at Healthy Lifestyle for Youth (HLFY) don’t just care for children and youths but care for the most amazing things people can do with a healthy and fitness-inspired lifestyle. Born out of a 16-year-old runner Grace Lu‘s passion for running and motivated by its transformational effect, Healthy Lifestyle for Youth is committed to providing support for the mental and physical health of children and youth so that they can learn to live more productive and enjoyable lives.

As a healthy and positive lifestyle is factored by a healthy mindset and body, which ultimately brings happiness; we want people to believe, pursue and achieve their goals in life which is why we make it our goal to encourage youths to exercise more, eat better and practice positive thoughts. We aim to motivate, support and inculcate the idea of a healthy physical and mental wellbeing to attain new strengths and flexibility.

HLFY’s mission of promoting active and healthy lifestyles of children & youths in the local schools and communities, delves deeper with the “Shoes That Inspire” Program which is tailored for elementary students to go outside and run for at least 15 minutes each day (in addition to P.E class) and schools identify low-income students in need of new athletic shoes, which we provide. Integrated with a 5-week after-school running program where the kids with their brand new shoes will extensively run 3-5 times a week to improve not only their fitness and confidence levels but also their academic performance; the program also fosters a positive environment where kids will make new friends of like-minded health values, and get to display and admire their progress at a 5k race at the end of the training session.

HLFY with the “Shoes That Inspire” program provides the athletic shoes for elementary kids, from donations and proceeds from “Favorite Run Shop” – a unique inspirational jewelry business run by the Founder of HLFY, dedicated to inspire ladies to stay committed and believe in a healthy lifestyle. As a non-profit, we rely on your generosity and partnership to help us continue to build and support health and fitness in our younger generations.

A donation or partnership to the “Shoes That Inspire” program supports and expands the program outreach to more schools across the Bay area and the US and help more kids whose families cannot afford a new pair of running shoes by providing them with new ones. Assist us to change a child’s life by getting more shoes to kids,

  • We appreciate monetary/financial support for the program as we are currently working on a 5K goal to provide 100,000 kids in elementary schools with quality new athletic shoes
  • We also appreciate donations of new athletic shoes to the program, either from individuals or organizations – such shoes will be sent to kids who need them by HLFY, through our Shoes That Inspire program.
  • Be a part of a greater change, be it an individual, group or company as you can adopt kids and schools in your local community who should benefit from the program. Simply contact the school and have the schools identify kids in need of new shoes, then purchase the shoes and deliver to the school kids under the “Shoes That Inspire” program. We can also help you to identify schools and deliver the shoes to the kids in need. We will provide support in every step of the way to ease the process of adopting local schools and following up with the training programs.
  • Support HLFY and the “Shoes That Inspire” program by actively participating, collaborating and partnering with us from providing athletic shoes to promoting our mission and health goals.

A contribution to us is an investment in making an extraordinary impact in one of the most vital aspects that shape achievements and lives – in kids and youths in their early lives. Thank you for your support, and for being there for all the wonderful kids in need.