Chris Kyle Memorial Run 2016

US navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his best friend Chad Littefield were shot and killed in February of 2013 in Rough Creek Lodge in Dallas, the same place where the Spartan Beast race was being held. Navy Veteran Sean Valigura was attending the race and came up with the idea to pay a tribute to Chris and Chad, which ultimately kickstarted the non-profit organization by the name of The Chris Kyle Memorial Run. The goals of the organization have always been the same: #1- to honor and pay tribute to Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, #2- raise awareness for veteran’s issues, including PTSD, and #3- raise money that we donate to veteran’s charities each year. This year they are hosting their third memorial run on Oct 28th-Oct 30th, in which more than 4,500 runners are participating in. I got the opportunity to donate a few pieces of my personally designed running jewelry to be used as prizes for this wonderful event. The pieces that I donated were chosen to fit the atmosphere of the run, and to be used as a memorable prize for the chosen winners. Therefore, the jewelry pieces contained the motivational messages of “never never never never give up”, “I may appear harmless, but inside I am completely BADASS”, “You are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, and SMARTER than you think.”, and “She believed she could so she did”. Each and everyone of these quotes were designed to commemorate the efforts of our brave veterans, as well as inspire the runners participating in this memorial race to continue to run with confidence and to overcome obstacles with perseverance.