Adopt-a-Family Bikes 2016

On November 26, 2016, the Healthy Lifestyle for Youth team went to the Adopt a Family Bike’s Used Bike Drive to help clean and repair bikes. The drive was held in a store in Danville, and the owner (Mimi) informed us about how all the bikes were used and donated by local people. She explained how the bikes would be going to kids in the San Ramon Unified School District area (specifically sister schools such as the Cambridge and Meadow Elementary Schools, homeless shelters such as the Homeless Outreach Program for Education, addiction recovery programs, etc…) who are less fortunate than us and couldn’t afford them, and how many of the bikes would be given to kids who don’t usually get Christmas gifts as presents for the upcoming holiday season. During our visit, the team worked hard to get all the donated used bikes back to sparkly clean condition by scrubbing all the dirt off using rags and removing rust with solutions. Additionally, some of the girls also got to learn how to repair broken bike parts from a program volunteer and were able to fix the bikes that were in need of repair.

This trip to the Adopt a Family Bike’s Used Bike Drive was very rewarding because we got to help kids in our community firsthand by repairing and restoring used bikes that are going to be delivered to them, and the bikes will ensure the youth a special Christmas present as well as serve as a valuable tool to more active, healthy, and vigorous experiences. I realized that I take a lot of things for granted, and that many kids in my own community can’t even experience the simple joy of receiving a Christmas present. Working at the Bike Drive opened my eyes and fixing the bikes made me feel like I was making difference in someone’s life for the better by giving them something that could grant them happiness and inspire a more active and healthy way of living.




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Untitled from Grace Lu on Vimeo.