When You Started Running…

What do you wish you’d known before you started running?

“That you need to drink water even if you aren’t thirsty.”

“Slow your pace and you’ll be able to run longer—and be fitted professionally for shoes!”

“Running will always be there.. no matter how long it’s been since the last time I ran.”

“Not to stress over pace, slow down. Enjoy it good and bad runs.”

“Absolutely nothing, mistakes are the reason i’m a better runner day by day.”

“That work gets in the way when you’d rather be out for a run. Lol”

“That it would become something that I would miss when I couldn’t do it anymore. ☹️. *I miss running*”

“Trail racing is painful and your roller is your friend.”

“That everyone has a bad race sometimes. And that race wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. Also, with the exception of a handful of prodigies, the majority of people will suck at running for at least a while.”

“How often I would have to replace shoes.” 😂

“Rest is actually needed!”

“How to avoid shin splints. I hate it when I can’t run” 😢

“Mid foot strike. Would have saved a lot of shin pain initially.”

“Get past the first 10 minutes and you will finish, and to remember that a slow mile is still a mile – keep it at it and you will get faster…”

That when you get up in the morning you will shuffle around like ET”

“That the ability to run should never be taken for granted.”

“Buy these things: Stock in your favorite shoe company, large capacity washer and dryer, Road I’d, card with frequent flyer miles.”

“That everyone looks funny while running; not just me!”

“Go up a size from your regular sneakers!”

“Everyone will have a setback at one point. Makes the comebacks even better!”

“How important it is to cross train/weight training.”

“Just how great it is! Would have done it sooner.”

“Compression is a runner’s best friend.”

“That a bad run is better than no run. Don’t give up on yourself.”

“Don’t get caught up in electronic gadgets. And the only person you need to be better than is yourself from yesterday.”

“To never stop! It’s sooooo hard to get going again.”

“That I wish I would still have started sooner.”

“That speed wasn’t as important as endurance is. Speed comes with endurance.”

“Rest and stretching.”

“I also wish I had tried earlier. It is NOT an elitist sport… it is for anyone. It is the best for a sense of well being and achievement.”

“How much I loved it…so I coulda done it my whole life.”

“Not to take it so seriously especially considering how far I’d come – and not to let nerves get in the way, both these things really put a dent in my 1st marathon” 😢

“The only people that don’t have bad runs are those that don’t run.”

“Some runs you will feel amazing and some will make you feel like the worst runner ever. Don’t get too down on the bad days.”

“Cross training is very necessary for injury prevention for me.”

“That it’s addicting” 😝

“You don’t poop your pants every time you run a marathon. (I truly believed this).”

“That my head would be my biggest obstacle.”

“The importance of proper shoes and how often they need to be replaced.”

“Chafing is real…”

” I wish I had been “taught” how to run when I was in school. Not waited until my late 50’s before I figured it out on my own.”

“That there would be math involved. So. Much. Math.”

“That some runs feel better than others but at the end of the day, you ran. Be proud of that no matter the distance or pace.” 😊

“It would turn me ultra crazy.”

“How much money I would spend for a tech t-shirt and a bit of bling!”

“Don’t overdo it or you end up injured and unable to run.” 😞

“It’s all about keeping your pace and believing in yourself.”

“The first mile is the hardest, after that, the run becomes enjoyable!”

“The first three miles are the toughest. So, don’t go for speed just focus on getting them done.”

“That there are only good runs and great runs! No run is a bad one!”

“My toe nails. No one warned me about my toe nails.” 😣😣

“The rash after running a long distance. Damn short shorts!” 😂

“Kinda wish I’d had known how addicting it was going to be for my husband and how often it was going to take him away from us.”

“That I would come to love it so much and it would become a lifestyle.”

“The toe nails and the importance of good socks…”

“How much it would change your life!” 😆

“…. nobody warned me that I was extremely lazy!!”

“I wish I had known that it gets easier. The first half mile is always the hardest of a run. The first run of the week is the hardest. The runs always get easier.”

“To buy good shoes with good insoles for arch support.”

“How expensive it would be, and how crossing the finish line after achieving a goal changes you.. physically and mentally.”

“How addictive it is!”

“That so much is your head.”

“Calf stretching… I mean, how much you should REALLY be stretching them babies…”

“Cross training and getting the right sneakers fit!”

“I started running at age 28, I tried so many times before that l and failed every time because I didn’t know how to start…then I bought a treadmill and started the couch to 5k challenge,and the rest is history. I would tell my 28 year old self “you can do it,don’t listen to your head follow your heart,you’re a runner your head just doesn’t know it yet
” also 3 tips
Buy shoes a size to big.
Go to the bathroom before you start.
Stretch stretch stretch!”

“That it will be my worst addiction.” 😉

“That non runner spouse will never understand!”

“That my feet blister easily and I don’t know how to breathe properly.”

“How much it would positively affect my body image.”

“That there will be ups and downs over the years. Just when you think you’ve ‘got it’ something changes to keep you challenged.”

“That the chaff is real and painful.”

“That there would be times that I would have “0” motivation. Ugh” 😑

“That mile 7 is when I start feeling like I am floating.”

“That the running community is so friendly…wish I would have started sooner!!”

“How additive it is and your body feels better.”

“Wish I had started when I was younger.”

“That runners trots are real and mapping porto pottys in distance races is mandatory.”

Losing toenails! I lost my first one today…” 😣

“I ran my first half at age 46 and since then I’ve done over 25 and one full. I’ve learned that age is just a number.”

“To not worry how fast or slow I am, and to not compare myself to others. Oh, and DON’T STOP! Every time I take a break, I lose what I’ve gained.” 🙄

“That it doesn’t matter what you look like, how far you go or how fast you go. It only matters that you GO!”

“Cross training, proper shoes and socks, how addictive it was!”

“In all seriousness, the value of a good sports bra!!!”

“Make sure to stretch, strength train and never give up when others call you crazy or don’t get it. Also, not to let an injury get the best of you.”

“That every run is a gift.”

“The first mile is always hard, no matter what.”

” How expensive it will get!!!! 🤣😂 Secondly, about proper fueling for long runs.”

“That my body knows how to run and trying to do everything suggested will cause you to injure yourself.”

“That 18mins and change for a 5k was fast.”

“That I had multiple personalities 😩🤣 They are always fighting or laughing at each other when I’m running lmfaoooo”

“How addicting it is, and when you are injured, how much you miss it!”

“To buy good running shoes a size bigger and btw you will still lose a toenail or two. Worth it!  Every run is a blessing…and it’s ok to not “not”fast”

“How debilitating it can be – choose another sport kids – go do cross fit or something.”

“Good Shoes for my type of feet, compression socks (they are good at bedtime too), cross train, go your own speed (just cross the finish line), it’s the cheapest form of mental therapy. I’m in Love!!” 💛

“That it takes patience and understanding especially when the runs are bad.”

“Socks are more important than you think!”

“That one day my back would be fused and my mobility restricted slot!”

“That I would lose my love for my medals and trophies. And lose them as I moved from apartment to apartment. That how annoying plantar fasciitis is. That team-mates get happy to see one hitting the wall.
That I would get angry when a running shoe got discontinued after finding the right one. That I would get talked into getting expensive orthotics, and then get rid of them along with a massive collection of running magazines. That runners could suffer from heart disease and not know it. That I would never cash a check for winning a race.”

“That I would become so addicted to its solace.”

“How expensive it is doing the marathon majors” 😋😋😋

“Make a good stretching routine and follow daily running or not.”

“That some people becomes extremely competitive . Their personality could be clouded..” 😣

“How strong it would make me feel.”

“To keep my hips level and not to twist my knee.”

“That its slow to start, slow to build up, but quick to lose!”

“Not too run too fast too soon. I can barely walk now from an inflamed ass! But I still run…just slow and for short periods.”

“How beneficial intervals are.”

“Get proper shoe inserts.”

“That I wouldn’t be able to quit and go on to another sport.” 

“Why I was being chased!”

“I wish someone would have told me that my toenails would die.”

“That I’d tear my hamstring in college and it would change everything.”

“A tear in my meniscus slowed me down.” 😔

“Walking doesn’t hurt as much.”

“Wish I knew to pace myself off the starts of races. Save my energy for the finish and pass all the tired people who gunned it off the start! Now I love flying past people in the last 2-3km …pace pace pace explode!”

“How friggen amazing it makes me feel!!”

“That you don’t necessarily lose weight.”

“To not stop, because it’s hard to start back up!”

“Getting the right kind of shoes matter!!!”

“That a plant-based diet would make my running so much easier.” 😄

“Why didn’t I start running sooner than age forty.”

“To clip my toenails shorter and wear bigger shoes.”


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