Shoes That Inspire

The Shoes That Inspire program simply started out as one girl’s passion for running. Grace Lu, a passionate runner, believes every child deserves to wear new and comfortable shoes that will enable them to feel confident, loved, and inspire them to set ambitious goals. New Shoes = New Hope. EVERY SINGLE PAIR of Shoes That Inspire makes a big difference in kids’ lives. We want to see every child in America have a pair of Shoes That Inspire.


Shoes That Inspire began its mission to help children in need at Benito Juarez Elementary, Richmond CA. We believe that every child deserves a good pair of shoes to feel cool and good about themselves. With each new pair of shoes, kids are more healthy, participate more physical activities, attend school more often, and are more confident.


YOU can help give life-changing shoes to incredible kids and make a difference in your own community through Shoes That Inspire. Contact us for more information. After all, doesn’t every child deserve a pair of shoes that inspire?


Brand new ASICS running shoes that were purchased from the ASICS store at the Livermore Paragon Outlets. These vibrantly colored stylish running shoes were purchased with money raised from donations and My Favorite Run jewelry products.

Grace Lu, founder of Healthy Lifestyle for Youth and the Shoes that Inspire Program, surrounded by boxes of brand new Asics running shoes. These shoes are part of the Shoes that Inspire Program and will be given directly to low-income students in need. All of these shoes were purchased from donations and selling her motivational, hand-designed running jewelry products at local races and community events.

The Healthy Lifestyle for Youth team visited the Benito Juarez Elementary School on November 1, 2017, to specially deliver the brand new pairs of ASICS running shoes and meet all the lovely kids.

Shoes that Inspire program started out as one girl’s passion for running and her vision that any individual can truly make a difference in their community and the other peoples’ lives. Making a difference in a life of a child really is as simple as a new pair of running shoes. One pair of shoes can fill a child with the confidence, hope, dignity and belief in love to pursue their passion and take action to reach their goals.  Our founder Grace Lu believes that every child should have a brand new pair of shoes not only to be physically fit but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle based on confidence and passion in and out of a classroom.

We partner with volunteers to run the program right near our own community and we work directly with schools to identify and measure the kids who needs the shoes the most. At any school, a brand new pair of shoes can make students become more active, whether it be via running or playground activities, and also lead to a positive social setting where kids can make new friends while pursuing a more healthy and active lifestyle. Ensuring that kids are successful both inside and outside the classroom is a key value that Shoes That Inspire shares with its volunteers, donors, and partner schools.

Below are pictures of a few kids from Benito Juarez Elementary School who were able to receive a pair of brand new running shoes through the Shoes that Inspire Program.

An excited Benito Juarez student proudly holds up his new pair of running shoes. “I really like the color and how comfortable the shoe feels on me,” he later told our team.





The Shoes That Inspire project and our mission would not be possible without the support from our amazing team, advisors, partnering schools, and sponsors.

The Healthy Lifestyle for Youth Team holding up a “Shoes that Inspire” banner inside a classroom at Benito Juarez Elementary School. This was a very successful and rewarding experience for everyone involved in the project!

Alina Wu (far left), Ada Zhong, Grace Lu, Jane Kennedy, Katherine Huynh, and Eve Zhong (far right) posing for a team picture right outside of Benito Juarez Elementary School. The weather this day was perfect and breezy; the team got to take this powerful photo outside that symbolizes their dedication and teamwork.

Facebook post from Benito Juarez Elementary thanking Healthy Lifestyle for Youth for delivering the new running shoes and for all their hard work.

A sweet thank you card from AMPS that was very thoughtful and great to read!

How can you get involved?

You can make a difference in your own community through Shoes That Inspire.

We are looking for shoe donations, people can donate new athletic shoes directly to us. If you’re a shoe manufacturer, owner of local running store and would like to donate new athletic shoes or socks, please contact Grace Lu.

Whether you’re an individual, small business, or a big corporation, we need your help! Here is how you can help:

  • Identify a school in your own community
  • The school measures the children. (we can provide the shoe measuring tools)
  • Buy the shoes.
  • Deliver the shoes.
  • Share the pictures and stories with us, email us at or contact Grace Lu at

Your support can help change a child’s life

Shoes That Inspire helps children in need at schools all across the Bay Area and beyond. We work with you to make a visible impact in your community. Whether you want to donate money, shoes or time, we work with you to find the perfect fit for your organization.

Sponsor a school

Help children in your chosen community and let Shoes That Inspire come to help. A $5,000 investment will provide 100 Pairs Of New Shoes To Children in Need.  Can you help us get more shoes to kids today?

Ready to change a child’s life?

Contact Grace Lu, founder of Healthy Lifestyle For Youth and Shoes That Inspire program or email us at STI@HealthyLifestyleForYouth.Org to discuss how your company can get involved.

Shoes that Inspire program – Essays from kids:

“To be healthy I eat a lot of fruit and health food. I sleep, run, eat, play soccer and drink water. I have soccer practices every day and we ran 12 laps the whole field and that is how I keep my self very healthy. I want to participate in the shoes that inspire running program so I can run faster, get better and be a vey good runner.” – Gabr (4th grade)

“I want to join the Shoes that Inspire program because I want to be healthy and I want to be a better runner, and I am interested because I get to have fitness activities and I hope I get selected because I want for my future to be running a lot. “ – Cianna (5th grade)

“To maintain a healthy lifestyle I like to go to my karate classes. I also like doing P.E at school and because it’s fun. One last thing that I do is play in my backyard doing different activities like paying with my dogs or just running around. These are just a few things I do, but I have many more, for example I eat healthy fruits and vegetables. I’m going to say a few reasons why I’m interested in participating in this program. First all I like running in general. I also like playing in lots of different competitions. Lastly I’m really energetic and I like to win. I also want to push myself and challenge myself to run faster. If I got selected I would like to improve my running skills. I want to have fun in different ways, and learn new things. I would like to win and just be proud of myself by doing this. I hope to learn things that I will remember and that will help me in the future.” – Leslie (5th grade)

“My name is Celest Maya, I’m very happy and honored to have this opportunity to participate in “Shoes That Inspire” program. This touches the bottom of my heart in so many ways, since I was in preschool I remember every physical appointment I had with the Doctor they always told my parents I was overweight. My parents are always changing my diet, doing exercises with me, putting me in swimming classes and every year was the same words coming from the Doctor. Sometimes I really didn’t understand why I was told I was overweight if I looked normal. My parents always encourage me that the most important is eating healthy and doing my exercise everyday is more than enough. My parents also told me that the most important thing is WHO YOU ARE IN THE INSIDE. Those words have helped me out through many years. Participating in this program will allow to bring out my inner courage to inspire other girls and boys my age that have to go through this everyday. Being lonely at recess only because one looks bigger and different, or made fun of because one is bigger than what you see on TV or magazines. I want others to see me and have courage to never give up, to participate in programs and to not be scared because you feel that you will be made fun of. Just take charge of your inner self, participate and follow your dreams. I currently go biking with my mom on a 4-mile biking trail and enjoy every minute of it. I also enjoy hiking with my father. I love outdoors a lot, I also try to avoid sweets. My sincere hope is that this “shoes that inspire” program will give me the courage and the inspiration to try to do this on my own now and learn new techniques to be healthier and get in shape. “ – Celest (5th grade)