Shoes= New Hope✨

Although it may not seem like it, a brand new pair of running shoes can change a child’s whole outlook on life and instill a newfound sense of hope and confidence.

Here is one remarkable essay response from one student who applied for our Shoes that Inspire Program:
“I’m very happy and honored to have this opportunity to participate in “Shoes That Inspire” program. This touches the bottom of my heart in so many ways, since I was in preschool I remember every physical appointment I had with the Doctor they always told my parents I was overweight. My parents are always changing my diet, doing exercises with me, putting me in swimming classes and every year was the same words coming from the Doctor. Sometimes I really didn’t understand why I was told I was overweight if I looked normal. My parents always encourage me that the most important is eating healthy and doing my exercise everyday is more than enough. My parents also told me that the most important thing is WHO YOU ARE IN THE INSIDE. Those words have helped me out through many years. Participating in this program will allow to bring out my inner courage to inspire other girls and boys my age that have to go through this everyday. Being lonely at recess only because one looks bigger and different, or made fun of because one is bigger than what you see on TV or magazines. I want others to see me and have courage to never give up, to participate in programs and to not be scared because you feel that you will be made fun of. Just take charge of your inner self, participate and follow your dreams. I currently go biking with my mom on a 4-mile biking trail and enjoy every minute of it. I also enjoy hiking with my father. I love outdoors a lot, I also try to avoid sweets. My sincere hope is that this “shoes that inspire” program will give me the courage and the inspiration to try to do this on my own now and learn new techniques to be healthier and get in shape.” 💙

artwork in courtesy of our wonderful graphic designer and team member Alina Wu

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