Pacifica Trail Run 2017 (Ada Zhong)

TODAY, JULY 8, WE HAD A FUNDRAISING EVENT similar to the Stars and Stripes 5k Run, except this time we were in Pacifica, California for the Pacifica Trail Run. We left our houses at around a similar time — 5:50 AM — in order to arrive at approximately 7 in the morning. This race was a bit different from the one on July 4th in that it actually hosted four different races — a 50K, 30K, 21K, and a 9K. It was also at a much smaller scale, so there were far less racers than there were in the past.

This time, there were only three members of HLFY there to run the jewelry booth: Eve (artistic director), Grace (president), and me. We set up our jewelry display rather quickly, but soon came to realize that we would not be getting many customers as very few people came up to our booth and even less decided to purchase an item. However, we had hopes to raise more money after some of the races had concluded.

Pacifica Trail Run Start/Finish Line

Grace (right) and I at our booth.



Our goal was the same as before — to raise funds using jewelry from the My Favorite Run shop in order to purchase new athletic shoes for low income students in the Concord School District. However, even after a couple of the races had ended, we were not met with as much success as we had in the past. Because the event didn’t have many participants, not many people came up to the booth to look at the jewelry.

Some of the jewelry we had on display.

Nonetheless, we came to realize that money wasn’t the only thing that mattered. Even though we had hoped to raise more than we did, it was also the experience that mattered. Getting the chance to interact with new people, practicing setting up/taking the booth down efficiently, and taking more photos for our website and newly created Instagram were all small yet significant things that I valued from the event. And besides, as the saying goes, every penny counts.


Ada Zhong, HLFY VP


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