Harder Elementary

Healthy Lifestyle for Youth visited Harder Elementary School in Hayward, California, on June 4, 2018. On this day, the Harder Elementary students were presented with their brand new ASICS running shoes and afterwards quickly laced them up to run in the Shoes that Inspire celebratory 5K race.

Shoes that Inspire 5K at Harder

Nervous yet excited runners lining up at the start line in anticipation of the long journey ahead of them

Ready, Set, Go… And they’re off!!

A HUGE thank you to ASICS for sponsoring the new shoes for these lovely students! Your support has been tremendously important and appreciated by our team and most importantly these kids. The students received their new ASICS running shoes before the 5K, and eagerly put them on for the race. One speedy runner in particular named Ashley comments that “they gave me and extra bounce during my run!”

Smiling faces wearing their brand new ASICS running shoes!

The HLFY team calling out names and handing out the shoes

More shoes!



Peace signs and smiles all around!

The 5K race took place at the school site, and the distance was equivalent to 6 laps around the school’s grass perimeter. Although most racers took a few breaks while running, everyone had the confidence and perseverance to finish the whole 3.1 mile distance!! 🙂

Our top runners finishing all the way through the line

More runners coming in through the home stretch!

Run Like a Girl 🙂

Running groups always make everything more fun!

Upon completing the total 5K distance, each runner received their very own medal and certificate to celebrate and recognize their hard work put in throughout the year and during the race. Below are pictures of the kids proudly wearing their medals after their race.

Another HUGE thank you for the school administrators and coaches for helping us organize this big event. We could not have done it without each and every one of you, and this experience was definitely an amazing one for all of us!