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Healthy Lifestyle for Youth is integrated with My Favorite Run, a running accessory company that sells motivational running jewelry and medal hanger products. The team designs its own hand-designed jewelry pieces using My Favorite Run materials, since the president of Healthy Lifestyle for Youth is also the owner of the company My Favorite Run. These inspirational jewelry products contain meaningful messages and are sold at local events to raise money for important causes such as the Contra Costa Crisis Center and also encourage healthy habits/thoughts through the uniquely engraved messages each piece contains. Check out some of the products by clicking on the pictures! 100% of all money fundraised goes directly towards helping the youth in our local community live healthier, happier lives.

We are on a mission to get youth moving. Young people who learn to love being active are more likely to grow up to be fit and healthy adults.


Healthy Lifestyle for Youth (HLFY) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that simply started out as one girl’s passion for running. The mentally and physically demanding sport inspired her to design her own line of personal running jewelry in order to motivate herself and other runners, which ultimately led to her starting her own running jewelry company (My Favorite Run) through the help of family and friends. Eventually, she decided to go one step further and start a non-profit organization designated to improving and promoting healthy lifestyles throughout the community. Click here for more…


Healthy Lifestyle For Youth shows young people that the simple everyday choices they make about things like what they put in their mouths, how much they move and how positively they think, can strongly impact the quality of the life that they will live. We teach students about the physical and mental-health benefits of activities such as running and exercise in general, helping them become more comfortable with engaging in physical activity and developing a love for physical fitness.


HLFY is a 501 (c)(3) that helps teens improve their physical and mental health so that they can eventually learn to live more productive and happy lives. We emphasize exercising more, eating better and practicing positive thoughts. Each day, anyone can have the ablility to shape the lives of the current generation of adolescents. At the heart of HLFY are amazing volunteers whose commitment and passion change the lives of youth each year. Our volunteers are great role models dedicated to empowering the youth to be more healthy and confident. Even if you just have a couple of hours a year, a season or a month to help us improve the health of young Americans, we would love to hear from you. Contact Us Now.

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