A Movement Dedicated to Movement

Started by Kids, for Kids

Healthy Lifestyle for Youth (HLFY) was founded in 2015 by then 13-year-old Grace Lu, a dedicated runner who knows firsthand the physical and mental health benefits of fitness. What began as a venture to create a line of motivational running jewelry (My Favorite Run) became a full-fledged 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that serves her local Bay Area community by sponsoring free fitness activities and clubs and ensures any kid with the drive also has the gear (free running shoes) 🙂 to get on the road to a healthy, happy, productive life. HLFY Giving Kids the Drive to Live Healthier Lives.


OUR MISSION & VISION: New Shoes = New Hope

The Shoes That Inspire program, like the non-profit organization that sponsors it, Healthy Lifestyle for Youth, sprang from one girl’s passion for running. Grace Lu believes a pair of free, new and comfortable running shoes is key to helping a child in need get on track to leading a healthy, happy, productive life. The running shoes are a vehicle that not only powers physical fitness, but also empowers the child wearing them with the confidence, dignity and self-esteem necessary to excel in all areas of life: academic, social and emotional.

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